Friday, February 10, 2012

New year.. a bit late

I am aware that I haven't blogged anything since November, so there's a lot to catch up on in the New Year (yep, I realize that was 2 months ago, LOL) I will be the first person to admit I'm a slacker. At least I'm not in denial about it, right?

2012 has started out with a bang. Angelique had the best year in sales last year and we have experienced a 56% increase this January compared to last already. Needless to say, we have been very very busy! We're hoping to make 2012 a fantastic year and have so much planned for it.

My mom and my sister were in a really bad car accident a couple weeks ago. I got the phone call and rushed to the hospital where they were brought in via ambulance. A kid had hit them in a Ford Explorer going between 45-50mph. Luckily they were both okay and walked away with some soreness and a few bruises.

This year will also bring a ton of travel with it. In May I will be going to Finland to see my family there for a little less than 2 weeks. In june I'll be in Chicago for a fedex retailer conference and in July I'll be in Vegas for a convention. I have plans to go back to Minnesota with my boyfriend for his friends wedding in August and we're looking to book another cruise for next February (!) While I'm working this summer, the boyfriend will also be visiting Europe for the first time to see his family for about a month. It will be the longest we've been apart and I'm a little nervous I'll miss him like crazy, but I think it will be good for us too. I'm a tiny bit too dependent on talking to him 24/7, LOL.

I have signed up for the Boulder Boulder in May, which is a 10k run here in Colorado. I have kind of stalled a bit on my weight loss, but am getting back on track with it to hopefully at least lose another 30lbs this year.

My dad was able to go back to his home in Libya for the first time since he was 20 years old. He just got back, so I am anxious to see pictures and to see how his trip went for him. I can not even imagine not going back home for more than 30 years. It would be very surreal.

I have also bit the bullet and made the decision to move out by the end of this year/beginning of next year. The date depends on a few factors, but I am going to do it. I've decided that I'm getting too old to be living at home still and need to venture out into the world like a real adult since I'll be 23 in March (ugh).

There will be tons and tons of exciting things happening this year (hopefully all good!) so it will be fun to post updates about what happens as they come.

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  1. About time you moved out. BTW...Doing it on your own without a "Man" is the way to go! So you GO GIRL!!!!