Monday, October 24, 2011


I thought I'd try a different type of post today, one that has absolutely zero direction or structure. I'm tired of structure and today I feel like just writing out whatever random or strange thought comes to my head. In fact, this intro is too structured and it's going to end now.

Structure is so forced into my brain that I just caught myself starting a new paragraph for a new train of thought, how annoying! This is a lot harder than I thought it would be. Okay, focus, focus, what am I thinking about? My nails since that's what I'm looking at. They're an ugly shade of gray right now because of the zombie crawl and the color needs to come off. I think I'm out of cotton balls though, shoot. And I'm too lazy to repaint them tonight, so maybe the grey is better than no color. I better be sure to get it off before they start fading or my sister will go nuts, she hates it when my nail polish fades, it's a weird pet peeve of hers. I secretly sometimes "forget" to remove the polish just because I know it drives her batty. Hehehe.

More paragraphs, I suck. Shakes it out, okay something else! I'm obsessed with my dogs. I only technically have 1 dog, but I watch my brothers so often that he's kind of mine too. They are the cutest chubby fluff balls ever and I just want to bury my face in them and kiss them over and over. They're too dirty though and that would cause my eyes to burn. I miss having Chloe sleep on my bed with me, but she sheds soooo much that it ruins my comforter. Diablo is another dirty dog that needs a bath, but bathing him was so stressful last time that I think it's better to leave him dirty LOL. Yep, I make myself laugh because I'm such a nut. I also talk to myself sometimes. I hear it's a sign of intelligence, but considering how many retard moments I have, I'm not so sure. It's only 9:10 and I am ready to pass out. What the heck happened to me? I used to stay up till 1am all the time and enjoy my "me" time, and now all I do is go to bed early, wake up, work, and go back to bed early- lame! I'm pretty sure this is all part of being a grown up, and I must admit that I do not like it one bit.

I can't fricken help myself. That previous paragraph was looking too long and therefore a new one must begin! Where did I come up with this random crap anyways? I wish I could just hook up an auto typer to my head and see what kind of nonsense it types out. Well that was interesting, I just got a phone call from an unknown number claiming my debit card is restricted, and it tried to transfer me to another line. It's a good thing my noggin still works eventhough I'm tired because I hung up and went straight to my banking site and my card is fine. This phishing for credit card infos is getting super old. I'm tired of fraud attempts on my account =( I don't even have a lot of money, go scam the rich people!

I'm pretty sure this is enough randomness and unstructed writing I can handle for one evening. I just reread some of it and cringed a tiny bit, so I apologize! But, to be entirely honest, it is quite fun to just type whatever you're thinking. I still censored myself though, ha! Wait till I practice this again and type what I'm REALLY thinking ;)

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