Monday, October 10, 2011

Past Experiences

I haven't blogged about anything in awhile, and was reminded of that today by a good friend. I love to blog, but life has been a little crazy so I haven't had much time to come up with anything witty to post about.

Tonight I was thinking about the ever famous idea claiming that past experiences make you who you are today. While some challenges you go through in life have undoubtedly made us all stronger people and allow us to deal with similar conflicts in the future, there are some past experiences that are just a real pain in the ass.

It seems that almost everyone has gone through some sort of traumatic experience before. The level of trauma is entirely relative to each person and has affected them in some way. Yes, we become stronger from these experiences whether it's in the form of being more cautious, or not so gullible, but they also damage us in some way.

Like most people, I had a traumatic experience when I was younger, and lately it has been resurfacing in my head a lot. It brings back a lot of fear and pain, and makes me wonder how much of my personality today stemmed from my past. If this one short event had not happened, would I still be so frightened and sensitive all of the time?

I would love to see a peek of the person I might have turned out to be if the event didn't happen. Would I still be exactly as I am, or would I be an entirely different person? Unfortunately, unless I find a time travelling device I'll never know, and I suppose I'm not meant to know either.

It's important to remember though that one tiny action may last 5 minutes and seem insignificant to you, may actually change someone else's life completely.

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