Saturday, September 10, 2011

Public Bathrooms

I have been drinking a ton of water lately and as a consequence I have to use the bathroom a lot. Since I can't stay home permanently I have to use public bathrooms every once in awhile, like I did tonight while grocery shopping. 2 of the 3 stalls are locked for some unknown reason and the 3rd is occupied by a foreign lady on her phone. Not wanting to crawl on the floor to get into the locked ones, I waited for the foreign chick to exit her stall. She finally emerges and as she does (while still on the phone) smiles at me. I personally find it awkward to make any kind of eye contact with someone when you're going to use their stall or they're using yours, but maybe I'm just weird.

I close the door behind me and look into the toilet (you know you do it too) and there's pee in there still! At this point I'm just annoyed but realize that it happens all the damn time. How often do you use a public bathroom and have to skip over a few stalls because of the following:
1) it's jammed with toilet paper
2) theres pee on the seat
3) theres pee and poo in the toilet still
4) there are other weird things in there that you don't really know what they are.

I know I could be the bigger person and just flush the toilet but dang it, that's not my responsibility. I flush the toilet after myself (and make sure it clears) before leaving my stall, why doesn't anyone else do this? Are they afraid to touch the flusher? If so, you're supposed to go wash your hands after anyways. And don't just think the automatic one will flush it for you either. You better wait and watch for it to happen, or just push the little magic button on the sensor to do it yourself if you're in a hurry. I really am quite confused as to why this is such a hard concept for apparently a lot of people to grasp.

And for those who drip on the toilet seat (I'm not entirely sure how this happens either ladies, are you peeing standing up?) take a piece of toilet paper and wipe it up! We bitch about men who do it, so women who do it aren't exempt either.

The moral of this post is flush your toilet. Check to make sure everything is good and clean for the next person after you, so that if they do happen to make akward eye contact while heading for your stall, you'll know you have nothing to be embarrassed about.

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