Saturday, September 17, 2011

Progress Update

2 months ago I posted about the run that was coming up: Dirty Girl Run.

Well it is officially here in 1 week! I am both very excited and very nervous at the same time. As of right now the excitement is outweighing the nervousness, and I hope it stays that way all week, but no guarantees! Today 6 of us met up at Washington Park to do a trial 5k and to get to know some of the other girls we hadn't met. First off, that park is amazing. I can't believe I have never been there before. Colorado is beautiful, and we have so many active things to do here that I am mad at myself for never taking advantage of them. That is definitely going to change.

I had a fantastic time with all of the ladies on our team and each one of them is incredibly supportive. Plus all of them have lost a lot of weight and made the change to become healthy awhile ago, so they were very inspiring! It was also a nice change to go out and do something active for once, rather than just go see a movie. The perimeter of the park has a gravel trail that is approximately 5k. I was a little disappointed that I couldn't jog as much as I had hoped to, and I was much more out of breath than I have been doing it on a track. I guess the even leveling of the track tricked me a bit. I'm glad we did it though because I'm going to assume the Dirty Girl event won't be on an even surface either.

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