Monday, August 15, 2011

Cake Wrecks

I wanted to share one of my favorite blogs today because it always provides me with tons of laughs. I can spend hours browsing the archives looking at all the great photos and the commentary is absolutely hilarious!

Cake Wrecks

I loved this blog even before I started decorating cakes, so I know everyone can appreciate it :) Be sure to check out the classics and fan favorites. There are pictures of cakes gone horribly wrong, as well as pictures of really neat concepts some very talented decorators have pulled off! Everything from horrible misspellings to some really really blonde moments on the decorator's part. Here's one as a teaser:

The customer ordered a cake and asked for the following to be written on it:
Best Wishes Suzanne (underneath that) We will miss you!

Unfortunately for them, the decorator took their note literally... and forgot an h.

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