Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Dirty Girl Run

Don't let the title of this post deceive you, it's not anything naughty, I promise! Been working out and focusing on my diet a lot more this year and have successfully lost 23lbs (woo hoo!) I've always been slightly envious of all those skinny girls I'd see jogging every morning in their cute lil sports bras and yoga pants and bitching about how they probably don't even make yoga pants in my size (ok, really envious.)

A few friends of mine recently posted on facebook about how they completed their first 5k's and then 10k's and it shocked me how much I really wanted to do that too. I used to just kinda chuckle at the thought of running because I have NEVER been a runner. Even when I was really athletic (we're going ways back here) and doing gymnastics religiously, I would never go running or jogging. I was in great shape then but I never had the endurance for it and therefore loathed it. So one of my friends posted a link about this Dirty Girl Run that takes place on September 24th:

It looks like a lot of fun (I'm not an outdoorsy girl who enjoys mud so I'm not sure what part of me actually thinks this will be fun, but some buried part does) and contemplated signing up for it. It took me about a week to make my decision because of the following:
1) I'm overweight, not just slightly by 15lbs, but a lot
2) I didn't want to be the only girl there really out of shape despite the fact that the site says its for all fitness levels
3) Started having nightmares of being carted off on a stretcher after 1 mile of walking while all the skinny people look on in horror
4) If I made it past the mile marker without the stretcher and actually completed the 5k, I'd be the last person to finish and everyone would be waiting on me for an hour or more as news crews video tape me for their special on obesity in America.

I finally shut my crazy and delusional mind up and just forced myself to sign up for the event. Now that I've paid for it (wasn't cheap) and have told people about doing it, I can't back out. I've actually made an effort to make sure several people know about it so that I'm stuck doing it, LOL. This blog post is another one of those attempts, because if I don't do it, all 3 readers of my blog will know about my failure!

I have 2 months to prepare for it and have started with the Couch to 5k Plan. ( My first work out was today, and I will admit that I couldn't even do the alternate 60 secs of jogging with 90 secs of walking for a full 20 mins. That part lasted about 6 reps and then it went more like 45 secs of jogging and 2 minutes of walking for another 15 minutes. And by jogging, I actually mean the love child of walking and jogging (we'll call her "hobbling") I only did 2 miles, but that's better than the 0 miles I used to do.

Despite the fact that part of my butt bone hurts a bit after attempting to jog, I am really excited for this. I now have something to keep me motivated to keep working out for the next 2 months and will proudly know that I signed up and completed a 5K. I don't care if I have to walk the entire course and skip all of the obstacles, I took the plunge to sign up for it. One year ago I would never even have considered signing up for something like this. Anyone who knows me knows that I'm not an active person, but I want to change that. What it means to me to actually have the courage to sign up for this event is huge because it's a mental change towards becoming healthy, something I've wanted for several years but never actually followed through with.

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  1. Go Girl, I will be cheering you on! I am very proud of you :)