Thursday, June 30, 2011

The sound of thunder

I puppy sit my brothers dog, Dakota, for him after work because my brother works insane hours and is never home to take care of the dog himself. Like my brother and I, our dogs are also siblings, so I love to keep them together so they can play.

While I was driving home from work, it started storming with rain and thunder and I immediately frowned. My brother's dog is incredibly terrified of storms, thunder and lighting specifically- this means I am going to have a very long evening.

I let him out of his crate and lead him upstairs to the doggy door connected to our laundry room and try to usher him outside. The rain is just drizzling at this time, but on comes the doggie e-brake regardless. I put my shoes on and step outside into the doggy pen myself (this sometimes convinces him that it is in fact safe outside and he'll follow, but not today) Our outdoor adventure went something like this:

*me standing outside in the drizzling rain and mud* "Dakota, hunie, come out! See it's safe out here."

A big flash of lightning strikes in the distance followed by the rolling boom of thunder

*Dakota backs up from the door and looks at me like I'm fricken insane*

"No really Dakota, It's not that bad. I'll give you a cookie if you come out!" (he really likes dog cookies)

*Dakota gets excited from hearing the word, cookie, and spins in circles because he is conflicted by wanting cookies versus stepping outside into the storm of loud booms that will surely eat him*

*Dakota pees all over the floor, missing the linoleum entirely and instead aims for the carpeted floor mat*

I end up having to clean up pee from the floor mat for the next 10 minutes because I have to spend 5 of it looking for the carpet cleaner I know we have 20 bottles of, but somehow can't even find 1.

The good news is, he went potty and will be set for the next few hours. Here's to hoping the storm clears up before he has to go again.

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  1. Sounds like a peeleasing time. Nani usually hides in the shower when there is a storm.