Tuesday, May 17, 2011


This past week has been absolutely crazy! After many months of waiting and waiting with no promising updates, Geoff found his birth mother last tuesday. His family is so incredibly nice and welcoming towards him and he is so extremely happy. He went from an only child to having 3 brothers and 2 sisters over night! I tried to tell him that eventhough he now has 5 siblings, he still has only child syndrome and he laughed (he really does!) One of his sisters lives in Minnesota with her family, and the other sister is in Norway. The sister in Norway is coming to visit the United States in July, so we're flying to Minnesota to meet them both. I'm really excited to meet his sisters and to see Minnesota for the first time.

Growing up with 3 siblings, I can't even imagine what it's like for him to have been an only child and then discover all of this family later on in life. I know he's happy though because it's impossible not to see it or hear it in his voice and I'm very glad the process he went through to find them turned out a million times better than either of us ever imagined.

Just for fun, a picture that relates to siblings all too well! ;)


  1. So Nadia I guess that kind of makes me your mother in law :) Nice post, now keep on writing and I will keep on coming back, maybe I will even bring some friends and we can share a nice cup of tea. You have a wonderful way with words so you should keep on using them.

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  3. Ha ha Nadia, lets play Tag, because guess what? TAG YOUR IT!

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