Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Neglected Blog

I realize I haven't posted since November, but there wasn't really a whole lot I felt I should post. Life has been treading on like it always does. Go to work full time, go to school full time, raid when I come home, go to my part time job and try really hard to get in the full 10 hours of sleep I need to function (I know, I'm pathetic)

I made it through the loss of my kitty pretty well I think, considering he was my first pet and the first thing close to me I've ever lost. The first few weeks were really rough and I spent a lot of time crying myself to sleep every night, but it slowly got better. I eventually started laughing again and even managed to snuggle up with another kitty that reminded me a lot of CK. I still tear up a bit when I think about him, and just about everything reminds me of him, but I think the hard part is over. I do miss him like crazy though and would give just about anything to see him again.

School is going well surprisingly. I'm taking 4 classes and have managed to hold A's in all of them *gasp* I'm sure once the semester is halfway over that will change, but I'm proud of myself for keeping up with it.

Angelique is doing amazing as well. My sister and I have really stepped it up and made a lot of changes that are proving to be incredibly beneficial to the business. We revamped the site a bit and we're focusing hard on SEO optimization. It's kind of sad with how much I'm on the computer and use it through out the day that I know absolutely nothing about search engine optimization... but we're trying to change that! :)

Here's to hoping the rankings keep getting better and better!

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