Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Phantom Leg

CK did something today that made my heart completely melt- which in turn resulted in me giving him a handful of kitty treats.

Back in August, CK had his hind leg amputated because there was a cancerous tumor growing on it. He has recovered exceptionally well and acts like he doesn't even notice it's missing. He still jumps up on everything and gets into all the things he did before.

One thing CK used to always do was kick his back leg up and scratch his ear with it. He'd lean his head back a bit to be in the perfect angle for the claw on his paws to scratch an itchy spot on his ear. Today however, CK went to lean back his head towards the left (where the leg was amputated) and sat there for a little bit just waiting for the phantom paw to come up and scratch it. He tried this a few times, tiling his head to the left waiting for the paw, but no itch relief came.

I about died when I saw this and immediately jumped up to scratch behind his ears for him and hopefully get the itch. It was so silly but it totally melted my heart :(

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