Saturday, September 25, 2010

Wisdom Teeth

Yesterday I had the pleasure of having all four of my wisdom teeth pulled out. Two of them were soft tissue impacts and the other two were deep bone impacts, needless to say the bone ones kind of hurt... a lot.

I had this done with IV sedation, which I've done before for other large amounts of dental extractions and I definitely recommend it. I remember talking to the oral surgeoun about the weather in Minnesota and the next thing I knew I was waking up with bloody gauze in my mouth.

Went home and slept for three hours kudos to a beautiful drug known as Vicodon which always puts me out like a lil baby. When I woke up my mouth was still full of gauze and it needed to come out. I grabbed two of the pieces which were completely soaked in blood and realized my teeth and tongue were also covered in blood- yuck. I rinsed with some water and spit out gently (don't want a dry socket) and it looked as if I had been shot with how much blood came out, I was mortified. Thankfully the bleeding stopped a few minutes later.

At this point I was incredibly hungry (I wasn't able to eat since midnight the night before and my appointment had been at 11) but my mouth was still entirely numb so I attempted to eat some apple sauce (which I couldnt taste) and some super soft macaroni and cheese (which I also couldn't taste- thanks numb tongue) and since everything was numb it felt like I was drooling out all of my food. My mom didn't comment on any of that but I think she was just trying to be nice.

This morning I woke up and one of the extractions was incredibly painful so I popped another vicodin and went to check out the damage in the mirror. My cheeks were puffed up like the chipmunk in the picture! I couldn't help but giggle at how ridiculous I looked and made a mental note not to leave the house today.

Here's to hoping the swelling dies down before I go back to work on Monday!

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