Sunday, September 19, 2010

Understanding Cats

This amazing little furball on the right is CK. He is a tripod kitty after losing his leg to cancer (more on that later) What's really impressive about CK is not that he survived kitty cancer but that he manages to pester me every moment of the day and yet I still love him to pieces.

CK starts his day at 5 AM (an hour before my alarm goes off) by tail swiping every single item off of my bedside night stand. My phone, my alarm clock, my books, pens, etc. The louder the clash the better. It has gotten so bad that I have occasionally pushed everything off the table myself so that he has nothing else to knock over while laughing insanely taunting him to try and find something else to push.

He then spends the entire time I'm at work sun bathing and napping.

When I come home he gets lots of rubs and food and I attempt to play with him but he usually wants nothing to do with me and saunters off to go back to sleep.

Around 6pm, when my raid starts (see nerd) I get all ready on my computer to kill virtual monsters and he decides he wants to be loved and snuggled. He hauls his 12lb furry frame back and forth on my desk and occasionally plops down directly on my keyboard or on my mouse, leading me to play a game of head ducking in order to see the monitor around him. I'll try to pick him up and place him on my lap so I can pet him while playing but he usually doesn't want anything to do with that and will quickly jump back onto the desk, usually landing on a few of the computer keys. Eventually he'll find the perfect spot and lie down. Unfortunately for me this is usually my arm, the one that is using the computer mouse and trying to type.

When it's time for bed he's usually pretty cooperative and curls up in a ball next to me. Once I start to doze off he'll change position and decide that wrapping himself around my head is a more comfortable position and proceed to purr directly into my ear- all night long.

It's no wonder I have sleep issues and am always tired throughout the day.

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